Details are important, and nowhere is that more true than with weddings. They're what make your day, your day. That simple notion is the inspiration behind Cork Collection. We sought out to curate a treasure trove of unique products to personalize every detail of your pilgrimage from engagement to happily ever after.

To introduce these products to you, we create fake brides. Yep, really cool fake brides. We spend a lot of time developing each bride's style, and then more time figuring out how her style lends itself to the details of her wedding. We name our brides; we name their spouses; we have bachelorette parties for them; we buy them dresses; we figure out what they drink, what they drink it out of, and whether they drink it with ice. We even throw them fake weddings, complete with guestbooks, set tables, styled cakes, and every other detail. And we have a blast doing it. In fact, by the time each fake wedding rolls along, we find ourselves wanting to be friends with our brides, but we aren't quite cool enough. (And they're fake.) We digress, but the idea is that we genuinely find a little bit of ourselves in each of our brides, and we hope you will too. Shop their looks, make their products your own, be inspired by their details, and make your day, your day.

A Message From Jill

My name is Jill Fanning, and weddings and events are my passion. Before creating Cork Collection, I co-founded two event facilities with an emphasis on throwing weddings. The most recent is Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At Cork Factory, we spend each day creating unique and unforgettable weddings and events. After years of doing so, I discovered a need for a store that sells products as unique as its patrons. That's where Cork Collection fits in. Whether your style is mod and pop, glamour and gold, leather and lace, or something different, I hope you'll find inspiration, ideas, and excitement in the pages of Cork Collection. 

Jill Fanning and the Cork Collection team