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There are few things as meaningful as a handwritten letter. In honor of National Letter Writing Month, we're sharing 3 simple tips for writing notes and letters—and how to have fun doing it!

1. Use fun stationary and envelopes. Ditch the plain white paper. We promise writing letters is a lot more fun when you add some colors and patterns into the mix! 

2. Find a good pen. We all know what it's like to write with a pen that doesn't work or doesn't work well. We swear by these signature pens. Or, if you prefer a pen with more flare, give this real feather pen a try.

3. Add a little something extra. Line the inside flap of your envelope with wrapping paper, tie the envelope with a bow of twine, include a photo or small trinket, or deliver your message through a scratch-off telegram. Find small ways to give your letter a fun, personal touch that will surprise your recipient!

Take a look at some our favorite letter writing essentials:

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